Row Elements Carousel Addon for Visual Composer

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You need to have Wordpress set up ready with Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress Plugin. 


Please take a look at this link for tutorial on how to install any WordPress plugin from WordPress backend by various options:

Take a video tutorial look from here :

You will have all needed files from our download bundle. It's super easy and simple process to install our plugin.


1. After Successful Installation of Wordpress Plugin, Go to any page edit option.
2. In the Page, edit option Check Visual Composer Elements Section.
3. You will have one more Element added. You just need to Drag and Drop that in a row you want to use and Start looking into their options.

Please take a look below for the detailed description of our Simple yet Versatile options.

This is very simple to use but Very creative and Multipurpose add on of Visual Composer WordPress plugin. It will be available on the list of events of visual composer after successful installation.

You just need to do 4 steps:

1. Drag and Drop "ROW ELEMENT CAROUSEL" element from a list of elements of Visual Composer.

2. It will pop up one window from where you can select options of a carousel, e.g. Vertical/Horizontal, Auto Play On/Off, Speed of sliding and so On.

3. You need to add Rows into that element as much slides you want.

4. Now You can add any elements on each row by the Normal way.

You may take a look at our simple video tutorial to have an idea about how to use this add-on. Click Here or

Select a Direction: From here choose carousal style from two options, Horizontal and Vertical.

Navigation : You can turn On/Off Dotted Navigation using this option.

Navigation Color : Choose any one from our Unlimited color options.

Navigation Styles : Select one from our some awesome designs of dotted navigations.

Auto Play Carousal : Enable If you want to make carousal Autoplay.

Auto Play Speed : Enter the Auto play Speed here. E.g. 3000,5000

Pause On Hover : Enable If you want your auto play slider to be Pause when some one hover on that row.

Draggable : Enable If you want your carousal to be dragabble by mouse or using fingers on a touch devices.

First, please fully read the documentation carefully before asking for support.

You can mail us directly on with your purchase code.